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Friday, May 4, 2018

The SKCU is Dead

It was fun when it was a "what-if".

When I started this blog, there were rumors that It and The Dark Tower would begin filming soon. Since that writing, we've gotten the film versions of both, and two more besides (1922 and Gerald's Game). And therein lies the problem.

See, when I started this blog, Stephen King movies were thought of mostly as punchlines; many were great, but it had been years since the last even barely tolerable King movie was released. With the news that It and The Dark Tower were being given a chance to do it right (and one of them succeeded, the other not so much) and rumors that other projects, such as The Stand, might also be in the offing, I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a shared universe for King's adaptations, in the vein of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?"

Well, a lot has changed since then, and it's been getting harder and harder to even think of keeping up this blog. For one thing, multiple King properties are exiting "rumored" or "planned" stages and are actually filming, and it's becoming clear that there are not now, nor ever will be, plans for a shared universe. Each project is being filmed independently, and this pretty much means that it's business as usual in King adaptation land; some of these projects will be awesome, and many will suck. And I don't see a point anymore of running a blog whose sole purpose is to cast film versions when film versions are being produced en masse even as I type.

But it's other factors as well. Shared universes on film are not a universally good idea. The MCU is awesome, and remains so. Universal's "Dark Universe" flopped hard with its first release, and the DCCU has produced only one good film. A Stephen King shared universe would be a dicey prospect in any case.

Third factor is...sigh...politics. With every agressively left-wing hate-tweet, King lost me a little further. I just couldn't get interested in reading what he was writing, knowing that he literally hates people like me. I don't mean we differ politically; I've always known that and didn't care because I can read the writings of people who don't think like me. George RR Martin is a far-left loon himself, but I love A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, and his politics role off my back. But King took it too far. He didn't just say "these people are wrong" he said "these people are evil and deserve to die". Talking about people like me. I won't get into why my views are what they are; I have a right to them, same as anyone else does, and no, that doesn't make me a racist, sexist, homophobe or any other "ist" or "phobe", and I think if you read what I've written on this blog, you'll see that's true. In fact I often wonder if I'm not significantly less racist, sexist or homophobic than King himself, or at least, less so than he used to be, considering some of his earlier writing.

So, with apologies to my dedicated readers, both the ones who regularly comment and those that just read, I'm officially closing this blog down.


  1. I follow King on Twitter. I've seen very little I would classify as "hate" Tweets, apart from his clear -- and justifiable -- hatred of Donald Trump. I've seen nothing in which he said "these people are evil and deserve to die."

  2. Sorry to see it go, man. I was hoping you were just taking a breather from the breakneck pace. It was fun while it lasted. I have to say, I'm with Bryant on this one. I have never heard of a single thing suggesting Trump voters are evil and deserve to die. His essay "How Did We Get Here?" got torn to shreds by Bryant, who is very anti-Trump, because he puts words into his supporters' mouths and characterizes them as all the stereotypes you've already heard. Maybe I missed something recently?

    Anyhoo, it was fun participating. Good luck to you in all areas of your life.